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Total Body Care in Hamilton with Bowen Medical Group

For over 15 years, Bowen Medical Group has strived to offer the best physical therapy services and products in Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and Binbrook as well as virtual appointments. We provide a wide range of services including Chiropractic, Massage, Orthotics, and more.

Find the Right Treatment Plan for You

As a one-stop shop for all of your healthcare needs, our treatment plans are personalized for you! Whether you have a question about our services, inquiries about insurance or billing, or are looking for an initial consultation, you can call us today and speak with our fantastic team to help guide you in the right direction. Visit us at 2783 King Street East, Hamilton for more information. 

Bowen Medical Group Services

Discover our available treatment options and services. You can book online for in-person & virtual appointments or call our team as we're always happy to answer any questions!

Learn more about our team of practitioners and support staff today!


Acupuncture is a 5000 year old practice still used today! Very beneficial for arrange of conditions such as headaches, stiff shoulder or back, knee or ankle pain etc! Provided at our clinic by our Chiropractors. 

Custom Orthotics

Have sore feet? Sitting or standing job? See how Custom Orthotics can help you! Covered by MOST insurance companies.  

Laser & Shockwave Therapy

See how laser or shockwave therapy can help heal you! Accelerates healing! Decreases inflammation! Eliminate Pain! Book a free consultation!

Massage Therapy

Our Registered massage therapist offers therapeutic, sport and relaxation massage. 

Chiropractic Care

Our Chiropractic Care focuses on Soft Tissue Release, Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Laser and More.


We offer both passive and active physiotherapy. customized for each patient.


In-person & virtual sessions are available to help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and additional metal health conditions.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Alleviate and resolve pelvic muscle dysfunction. Both men and women can benefit from this service though the process will vary.

Bowen Therapy

Reduce pain and inflamation while regaining mobility and flexibility with your joints and muscles.

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