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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

What is it?
The chiropractic health care profession requires a doctorate’s degree in chiropractic
medicine from a licensed institution. Unlike physiotherapy, chiropractors are
specialized to perform spinal manipulations.

How is it administered?
Chiropractors are widely known for their drug-free, non-invasive technique of
spinal adjustment. The sole purpose of this technique is to offer an increased joint
mobility in the spinal area leadings to benefits in decreased pain, dysfunction and
muscular spasms. Additionally, chiropractors are eligible for prescribing exercise
and nutritional counselling (not a nutritional prescription) for health related

More on Spinal manipulation
Spinal manipulation is a highly controlled procedure that requires many years of
training and practical examinations. The procedure is well adapted for each client to
meet his or her individual needs. As a result, patients report immediate benefits,
such as a positive change in their symptoms after the adjustment.

How does it help?
The non-pharmaceutical benefits of chiropractic treatments include an
improvement in:
- Back pain
- Neck pain
- Joint pain
- Headaches
- Scoliosis (Posture)
- Sleep
Application of Modalities
Chiropractic also allows for the application of non-invasive modalities that enhance
the rehabilitative process. These modalities help relieve pain, inflammation and
increasing blood flow and relaxation. These include:
- TENS machine
- Ultra-sound
- Laser therapy
- Garston technique

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